Use The Framework Formula to Stand Out, Get Results and Grow Your Business Success...

As an expert, thought leader or influencer, the most important th ing is to have your insights land in a way that moves people to behave differently...

One of the most important and effective tools that set the top 3% of thought leaders apart from the remaining 97% of “so-called” experts is their use of frameworks. The top 3% craft compelling signature frameworks that become the calling card of the transformation they bring.

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“Mel has transformed the way my content & message is put out into the world. It's allowed me to really standout in a crowded market..."

- Rachel Luna

In this template you'll learn...

  • Why frameworks are one of the most powerful tools in a thought leader's arsenal.
  • How to properly build frameworks that engage both the right-brain (emotions) AND the left-brain (logic) silmultaneously.
  • What's wrong with most frameworks, why they're ineffective and what to do instead.
  • The six different types of frameworks used by thought leaders to shift their audience's thinking and get consistent results.

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