How to Become a Highly Paid INFLUENCER in ANY Field

Learn from one of the world's sought-after INFLUENCERS... free!

March 2, 2017 10am PST

Imagine for a moment being THE INFLUENCER & MARKET LEADER in your market...How would that change your life? What does it take to make that happen? This is HOW.
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In this free live Master Class, 6 Phases of an Influencer’s Evolution” you'll learn:
  • The TWO keys to matter to position you as an expert and in what order;
  • The STAGES to build your Influencer Business;
  • The FOUR biggest problems and how to avoid them so you have accelerated growth;
  • How to use your content to become the market leader:
  • and tons more...
  • How the top influencers create KILLER CONTENT that can be used for blog posts, podcasts, keynotes, online courses, trainings and even in books
  • How to create content that sets you apart from the crowd, blows people's minds and gets you paid well
  • How to create uniqueness and distinction that will be highly valued by the market
  • How to use your content to build your personal brand and become a "highly" sought after and "highly" paid Thoughtpreneur Expert
  • Lead by #1 Bestselling Author & Highly Acclaimed Business Mentor, Mel Abraham

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this going to be REAL content or just fluff?

This is a real training that is normally sold. After the Master Class you'll have tangible actionable concepts & tactics to put into practice!

Is the workshop really live or just pre-recorded?

Mel will actually be on live with you and answer questions throughout the Master Class. This will be an interactive training!

What if I can't make the scheduled time?

Register anyways! We'll notify you when we plan on running another online Master Class.